How drama & Practical Work fits into Halfling.

"charlie" who has headed the halfling project & now Halfling

  The Halfling forms part of the 2lo project series from William David

The former Halfling Project [2014-2020] used drama to build up personal self-confidence and range within it's participants. The blend was both those on the autistic spectrum and neurotypical thus avoiding singling out anyone as being within the special needs sector. Drama is a great confidence booster. 

All drama and practical work is now part of 2lo. 

Please follow the 2lo link for further information.

Drama and the creative arts has the potential to open doors to personal freedom of expression to those who may well have ignored or been ignored in taking part.

It's hard to know if your going to be good at or enjoy something if you don't get the chance to try it.

It's not about being the best at it - it's about loving the process and learning from it.

Often those who benefit most hardly even notice the work aspect - they are to busy enjoying themselves.

William David  July 2021