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As I write this we are in the middle of a pandemic with implications few of us saw coming.

The implications of Covid-19 hit each and every one of us.

It effects all our future plans, holidays education, work and leisure time. 

The Halfling Project is no different - schools are mainly closed except for children of key workers.

Support and supplies have been hit. 

Familes are split, friends cannot meet - well your living it too - so you know all this.

The work planned for The Halfling project I feel has to change to reflect the situation.

The major project for this year "InvisAble Me" is currently closed, act4ward cannot operate again until groups can meet, film and take part within it.

Plans will change weekly I suspect as new Government advice and directives are set.

So where does that leave us then?

Well - firstly changes are being made in all aspects of the project.

These can be seen in the information sections linked below.

At time of writing The Station has no public access and is closed [16th May 2020] - but hopefully will shortly be able to offer limited set meetings within the Government Guidelines. 

The project can still be contacted by phone 01525 287 123 or by e.mail 

Please stay safe and hopefully we can soon revert to moving forward together. Take care.   William David .




The Halfling project - Vision 2020

It's like going back in time - bringing The Halfling project and act4ward together - but the changes being made throughout the project make sense of this .

Vision 2020 was always about change - but not I admit in the way Covid - 19 has dictated.

When you have a project [InisAble Me] based on bringing groups of young people together - you can see why things have had to be changed -at least for now.

So InvisAble Me  cannot currently go ahead - but that should not and will not stop The Halfling project - so here we look at Vision 2020 in regard to The halfling project.


The Halfling project core base is working with boys from middle teens up.

The project is open to all boys - with individial activity plans set around thier needs and circumstances.

The project does not discriminate between boys who may be described as neurotypical and those from the autistic spectrum or special needs sector. Many who take part simply want to have a go at informal drama or move forward in personal confidence.

The project is designed around the principle of "self discovery" and set to deal with those struggling or those wanting to move forward.

The project is about using simple drama and acting techniques, to build personal self confidence, understanding and if desired advancement to working within the creative industries.

The project works as an open venture project where there are no formal charges if the participant agrees to their work being used within the public platform of the project.

It is appreciated that some work will and should remain confidential.

Although primarily a drama based mixed media project options are available for confidential support particulary with those on the autstic spectrum.

Meetings for the personal advancement of young perfomers in confidence and range via act4ward work.

The project is designed to be flexable to the needs of the individual - has a robust child protection policy and full enhanced DBS status. More details can be ontained on request or via respective web sections.