"Invisible" conditions - special needs.

support from The halfling project

It's about understanding

When I began working in the creative industries one thing began to shine out - how many "oddballs" there were within it.

It was the same in education and youth suppport. Young people who were different in some way. Nothing obvious - just different. 

The term "oddball" and one's often less polite was commonplace - because collegues were missing the signs.

But now let's extend that to the individuals themselves - more often than not they did not understand why they were the way they were.

Why would a boy with above average intelligence fail all his exams?

Why was that boy bullied but his friend wasn't?

Why did this boy smash up his classroom in a fit of rage?

Why did this pupil never listen in class or complete his homework?

These and hundreds of other questions can come up and have more often than not one explanation - they think differently, see differently, feel differently - but they don't know why - they are just "not normal"

Ok let's add another question - why so often are they highly intelligent and super creative?

All this is explained in simple words by condition's within the autistic spectrum and those conditions grouped closely to autism although stictly speaking not on the spectrum. {dyslexia/dyspraxia for example].

The overhall controlling factor is their brain is different, and in turn their emotions and thought process is different.

And it so happens that these brains really suit the creative process - this is why so many actors,performers, photographers, artists, directors are indeed on the spectrum or have an allied condition.

Being different in this way can be a very positive experience [and a lifelong one] if decoded and understood.

if not it can hit out emotionally, socially and serious impact with  mental health conditions eg. anxiety/depression.

The Halfling Project however is set to be a positive work - often the hardest task is convincing a teenager that they are infact on the spectrum  - or have allied conditions that are holding them back.

The use of drama is a massive help in those early stages - building up trust and providing explanations for why they feel as they do, and why with understading it can free them in a way they never thought possible. 

Joining the project does not mean you have special needs - but if you do - we can work you through it and allow you to discover yourself and move on with your life.

The Halfling Project is an informal way of self discovery and remains confidential - the project aims to always have a mix of brains to work with!