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January 2017 

 Given that we were all children once it rather sad that the experience rarely prepares us for life to come and in particular understanding children!!

In the United Kingdom we are fortunate that understanding of children and the hurdles so many can face is more understood than ever.

But it is far from universal knowledge and in particular this is the case with what we shall call "the invisible" hurdles so many children face.

I wish I could write that every teacher understands autism , is pro active about bullying and peer pressure - is receptive to cries for help from their charges, and avoids placing children into either segregation or punishment through the lack of the teachers understanding.

I wish I could say that every parent listens to the child, even more so when they say nothing - and is there for them.

I wish that every parent would accept their child for who they are and not for what they want them to be.

The Halfling Project


Most adults can get that no two children are the same 

 Many think"bad behaviour" is to be punished not a case of understanding the child

Most teachers know a "troublesome" child when they see one

The Halfling Project

With understanding comes hope - with hope come promise & with promise we have a chance


Not all children working on the project have special needs - the project is open to all.

The project for practical reasons works with males or mixed groups

Image depictions are often shot for purpose with actors and do not reflect a particular condition on those featured.