Halfling is the result of changes made upon closing The Halfling Project last year.

With the world pandemic Covid 19 came a world few of us could ever have imagined outside Hollywood. 

Schools, business and events closed and many except for keyworkers at home it felt like the whole Country and ofcourse the wider world had changed for ever.

Mental health became a serious concern, and drew focus to conditions often previously ignored.

Halfling was setup however to work in one particular area - with an informal approach, and simple explanations to those  who struggle for a range of reasons not immediately obvious to them, their family or friends, and which can lead to holding them back at school and beyond.

The common thread to Halfling is that the conditions concentrated on are to most, even including the person themselves  invisible - or hidden from view.

This is often a forgotten group as they show no "obvious" symptoms - and are often put down as slow, over zealous , stupid, strange or many other conclusions.

They don't look different, but may act different - they may avoid eye contact or lack body language. They struggle but don't know why.

Others may just feel really down, or do silly things on impulse.

Many will be very creative and talented.

It is my belief that bringing understanding into their lives and that of those around them can make a massive change fror the better.

I am not saying it is easy and it's a very wide spectrum - but understanding is key to moving forwad.

And that has to be in a simple easy to digest "information" pack as far as possible.

Halfling is set to try and keep a complex subject simple .

At this time [May 2021] the website is at an early stage - so please be patient as content is produced, compiled and added to these pages.



William David

May 2021


going from feeling invisible to becoming invisable

Credit:- Aspergers From The Inside [Paul Micallef]

Credit:- The School of Life

Credit:- Psych2Go

Credit:- Osmosis.org

"charlie" who has headed the halfling project & now Halfling
pre- lockdown promo shot for invisable me with james d

  The Halfling forms part of the 2lo project series from William David

             News:- The Halfling project returns for 2022