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5th October 2016

 This is the first major change to The Halfling Project website since the project became Halfling  nearly 2 years ago.

It reflects the changes being made to William David work - changes set to make things clearer and simpler.

I admit that in many ways The Halfling Project has developed in a way not planned on inception. 

It became known as a photo work, where in fact photography was a small part of it's remit.

It has become known for working with actors and performers - where in fact it is open to all - subject to the basic criteria.

But ok times changes and lessons learned this website will centre less on the photographic aspect - and more on it's central point of childhood and bringing awareness of autism  and allied conditions -   special needs and support.

Please remember much of this work with an individual is personal and confidential - so what you see here is more often than not shot and commissioned for purpose.

Also the project is not just for those who have traditional special needs - it's for any child/young adult within broadly speaking the "education age group of 5 up to leaving school/university.

This is a male based project - because the specialised support required for girls needs to be seen from the female perspective, and is a sector I have little experience in.

That said - girls often are involved as part of the family involvement.

Photography is still a major part of The Halfling Project, but the work has been split according to it's aim & much is now covered by WildVen/Act4ward.

This will be explained in more detail later.



                                         Welcome to Halfpenny Halfling - The Halfling Project

The Halfling Project is designed to promote and build up understanding of those children who are just a little different, with conditions often invisible to the public, other parents and children - teachers & support workers.



 Until This website has it's own  individual content uploaded this link is provided to the original website for the project followed by the links to other William David websites allied to The Halfling project

The Halfling Project  2015/16



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