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James De making the point for The Halfling Project during Anti Bullying Campaign Nov 2016James De making the point for The Halfling Project during Anti Bullying Campaign Nov 2016HALFLING PROJECT REVIEW & CHANGES - SEPTEMBER 2017



The Halfling Project remains true to it's aim and intent, but needs some scaling back to take into account the amount of time I have available.

The core goal of more universal acceptance and understanding to those on "the invisible spectrum" within schools , authority and the public moves apace.

Dysgraphia continues to be the Cinderella of the conditions spectrum - but great success has been achieved this year in getting schools to accept and deal with issues raised by this condition.

We still find sadly a broad range of ignorance regarding the nature and complexity of the autistic spectrum - with people wanting a black and white answer to a multi coloured and layered range of conditions. A spectrum is never easy to define and even less to understand. It is the job of all of us working at any level in this field to get the message across - it's never a simple answer!

The school exam results from those subject to intervention for special needs recognition has been an outstanding success this year  2016/17 and the pressure should remain on schools to look for and act on those struggling with core subjects - for possible special needs intervention. 

There does appear to be a loop hole in regard to those outside the state educational system - for those pupils either excluded or subject to home schooling. Great effort must be made to support parents in this situation, as often home schooling was not a choice but a demand when autistic or struggling children became unhappy or unable to stay within a conventional school environment.

For September to March - the range of this review I am making a change to the key work within the project. 

The project is to take on all young performers and young people working on any aspect of act4ward / photoshoots, video projects etc upto the age of 16.

The work will still be branded act4ward in the main but seperation means that their age and interests are correctly handled. 

This increase in workload on Halfling means that other external work is put onto hold except for general promotion and support ongoing.

Funding remains an issue with The Halfling Project - but it remains my desire to operate as a not for profit - working within it's means.

Changes to the websites of Halfling will reflect the new changes - and as before only limited updating is planned during the year. I am looking at an act4ward "junior" section to cover young persons work within the project/act4ward.

In conclusion it's been, despite personal health issues a good year for the project - but the changes planned will once settled  I believe mean a better overall body of work coming from the project and act4ward.


William David

September 19th 2017.