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act4ward 16+ intensive & 16+ from William David - act4ward UK.act4ward 16+ intensive & 16+ from William David - act4ward UK.

For those who want to act professionally in many ways times are good.

There are a vast number of opportunities out there, castings from Facebook to specialist casting sites making it possible in the early stages to self represent and go for it!

This relative ease for the talented can mean many under 16's achieve a good work record in the industry even before leaving school!

But with this lies problems - and as they grow older and hit the first major age hurdle of 16 many are just not prepared, and either stick with child roles till the offers stop - or leave acting completely.

Then ofcourse there is the changes to how you gain that experience - theatre work is hard to find, and film and tv work means travel and time off education or work, not just for the young performer but often the parents too, who take on the role of chaperone or taxi!.

The sad fact is actors 16 - 18 are the most likely to give up  on their performance dreams as the varied frustrations kick in.

To young for a casting or to old for a casting.

Lack of family support.

Lack of school or work support.

Lack of funds!

Constant feeling of rejection.

In many ways 16 is the new 18 which itself became the new 21 in just a few years.

Role demands are well more demanding and personal self confidence is key.

And thats what 16+ is about - it's about preparing a young actor for what they need to be to start moving forward.  No longer is it about just a headshot - it's about self tapes, personal brand and being noticed. This might be for castings for extra work, more major roles or to get the notice of agents who actually will find you employment and advancement.

Like all my work - 16+ is built on being informal and without complications caused by over ambitious intentions. Using stills, video and audio work we build up a brand - look at actor promotion and range, look at an actors strengths and weaknesses - how they represent themselves - it's a joint venture  - currently still in it's early stages so often on a time for agreement for mutual benefit.

16+ applies to all those over 16 but 16+ intensive is the big change - here we work often weekly for a day building up the actors work and confidence.

The next step might be traditional drama training or more castings and subsequent work. It might be for a few months or up to 18 when we hit 18+ - more changes there!

I also accept by experience that now many actors are being held back by their age, and where this is the case we extend the work as far as possible to prepare them for more demanding work.

act4ward is about confidence and understanding of what is expected of them as they move forward in the industry. It's also about having someone to talk to when the doubts set in or offers / castings get demanding.

Elsewhere you will find more information of how all this works in practice - but !6+ intensive is an exciting development in my work - and will develop with each person who take part.

Those currently under 16 will be part of The Halfling Project . At 16 an option may be offered to advance to 16+.

Those 18 and above have similar intensive options but with a wider age related agenda.