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Autism - The fight you have to win - The halfling projectAutism - The fight you have to win - The halfling project


                          The Fight you need [have to win] - Autism and Special Needs.

Very often children diagnosed with autism* or an allied condition have quite a fight on their hands - from schools, Doctors, Government, family, friends and themselves.

When I was a boy there really was no support as we understand it today. You just survived. Trouble is that often lead to under acheivement, poor or bad relationships and social communication skills.

Today it does not have to be like that - the support is out there - the information is out there [thanks Google] and the opportunities are out there too.But even today we have problems - Doctors who at age 8 start drugging up ADHD patients to "calm them down" without sufficient reason, schools who miss the signs of a struggling child suffering with an autistic  condition - families who just won't accept the diagnosis of special needs or children themselves who are bewildered and lost as to how they feel and act as they do.

Often I deal with older teens who have not been assessed, and are under performing. As interventions this year has shown even at 16 it is possible to turn chances around for pupils struggling with exams - but it needs schools, exam boards and families to understand and act.

When a boy hits puberty new problems can occur . one of the key ones which even support groups try to avoid is social awareness and more intimate relationships. 

It's not easy dealing with issues raised by autism at this time and age. But not to deal with it opens up the potential for a massive problem later.

That's why The Halfling project is open to supporting these issues - but it's not an easy area for anyone, and many do try and run away from it - with the classic " I/he will be ok".

Never under estimate the power of conditions within autism - they can be for the good or for the bad, but without support in their teens so many boys get into trouble or get classed as a low performer.

It is not by accident that so many young offenders are on the spectrum.

For example aspergers can lead to instant actions without thinking things through - from shoplifting to sexual misconduct. ADHD can lead to anti social behavior  and so on.

Some cannot mix in social or work climates and end up unemployed and drifting - with regular arguments at the job centre. Others have either no confidence or far to much, extreme inhibitions or non at all. Lack understanding of their own and others body language - the list goes on.

But the news is these are all things which with guidance and understanding can be controlled - not cured - autism is not an illness - but being self aware makes it not just manageable but actually in many cases beneficial - especially in creative work such as acting and performance.

The Halfling Project is designed to informally support those going through the "coming of age" process. Sadly many support options are so clinical they fail to work.

It is true many who have benefitted from the project tried others ways first, but hit problems with the very formal approach much of this support offers and the limited time available. 

However or whoever you go to for support - please take it, and be patient - it really is worth it in the long run.



*  The term "autism" is used for clarity but this covers conditions both inside and outside the spectrum which are not immediately obvious.