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Lord of the Flies - A popular work within The Halfling Project/act4wardLord of the Flies - A popular work within The Halfling Project/act4ward

             "But I'm normal - Do I Belong Here?"


ok - So you sitting there looking at The Halfling Project and seeing lots of references to autism, special needs and the invisible spectrum and thinking.....

I'm not/ my child is not autistic, have no plans to be autistic - so why would I take part in The Halfling Project?

The Halfling Project is for all boys - the fact that it acknowledges special needs does not mean you have to have special needs.

If you keen on acting or performing - or you want to try something a bit different like a photoshoot which isn't just a family portrait - then the project is for you.

The Halfling Project has a suggested age range of 5- 16 main stream school age in the UK.

At 16 you would move over to working with act4ward by invitation or if already 16 it may well be where we start.

The idea is the project adapts to you.

No two boys will work exactly the same way.

Some may major in drama others in photoshoots.

The simple informal environment allows you to try things if you want to - but your not going to have to do something you don't want to do.

It is after all meant to be fun.

However - if your aim is to work as a professional actor for example - then the work we do will reflect that - so the demands on you will be greater.

But it is your choice, and that of your parents/guardians as to what is included.

So yes like many before you ofcourse you belong and ofcourse you are very welcome.


Welcome to The Halfling Project!


William D

September 2017.