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              HALFLING FOR BOYS

Oliver L - actorOliver L - actor

The Halfling Project is based on working with boys [or sometimes mixed groups].

It is not possible at this time to extend much of the work to girls.

The location itself for most photoshoots is not suited for girls in respect to privacy and changing.

As a general rule most girls have several visitors with them where as most boys have one or sometimes two. This leaves the practical problem of how to cater for groups of vistors.

When I began working with young people males always were required to work with males.

Females have generally be accepted for either gender support role.

Working in the area of special needs can be a  very highly personal bond between those taking part and myself. This is because you have to know how they are thinking, and often this can be hard to express.

Whilst I can relate to boys "problems" and "issues" - I cannot relate to that of girls, and have little experience or practical knowledge to work with.

So The Halfling Project is set for boys at this time.

With changes to the project it is possible that girls may take part in drama and photo work.

However - modelling for girls for example is much more demanding in the early part of any potential commercial work to "glamour" style work - which is outside the general remit of the project.

I do not feel parents would be happy with my working at the glamour level with girls and then with their younger children.

So the work remains mainly male dominated - but not to the point of exclusion to girls in special circumstances.

The Halfling Project is open to all to discuss their work or aims with a view of working with the project .