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                                           PROJECT AIMS :- THE HALFLING PROJECTSonny Boy skelton [age 15] - actor
 - July 2017Sonny Boy skelton [age 15] - actor - July 2017

The Halfling Project began as a project working with new and young actors/performers wanting to move into serious acting or the industry. It also introduced boys to confidence building work by the way of photo shoots and discussion. 

It was based loosely on The Lord of The Rings.

With formation of The Halfling project came it's new home at "The Station" which was located very close to one of the most popular outside locations - an old church ruin.

In the Uk it is believed that 1 in 100 is on the autistic spectrum but although official figures are hard to find [ there's a lot of convenient  autism and SEN denial going on ] in my experience in the creative industries and arts sector it much much higher.

This is because the unique qualities such conditions can bring lend themselves to being creative.

It is important to understand for the outset that the term autism is a loose one in respect to invisible conditions. Some conditions [as an example dysgraphia] in the strictest terms are not considered part of the spectrum but in a general project such as Halfling it is rarely helpful in practical terms to keep separating the conditions when someone is dealing with the issues a condition raises, and also often those with one condition have other traits to which are allied to autism.

The project is not trying to be an academic thesis - but a support and information backup dispelling the mass confusion that is out there regarding these conditions.

Look at it this way - if you have toothache - you don't want a lecture on dentistry - you want a solution. The point about most of the conditions we are talking about is you can [and many do] survive without seeking any help and all - but unknown here is what potential you have given up by doing so.

Many I meet as young actors have never been diagnosed formally and have suffered with problems that could have been avoided with intervention. 

The Project aims to fully support those on the spectrum to understand themselves and others.

The key project change this September [2017] is that The Halfling Project is now the place where anyone under the age of 16 works - even if the ultimate video or stills photo shoot is marked as act4ward.

The Halfling Website is to compliment act4ward - but be less updated and more suitable for younger viewers in regard to content.

It is quite usual that website's split according to age.

From a practical perspective the work is the same - always based on age and ability.

The important point is that The Halfling Project is for all participants or potential participants if under 16.

So the core aim is self discovery and fun through acting and photo shoots - audio work etc.

It is open to all boys from approx 8 up and all abilities - the important thing is an enthusiasm to take part, either at the start or by the end!

The informal approach of the project is set to put even the most timid at their ease.

The ultimate aim - to have made a difference by what we do together.

For the under 18's it tends to be a partnership between the participant, the parents or parental representative and myself - hopefully each being happy with the results.