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              ACTING & PERFORMANCE

This has become an ever increasing part of the work here @ the station and on location.

It's not actor training - I would never claim that - it's designed to be very simple in concept with simple backgrounds and props/costumes.

It's about enjoying the work, and building on it.

It's about concentrating on you in a way a big production won't.

It's about learning in private how to be confident and loud or whatever else we are covering.

If you or your child is heading for the industry - it's about preparation, understanding the concept of "brand" and range - separating "you" with your character.

It's about dealing with any obstacles in the way.

We look at and produce self tapes, audition pieces - short scenes - whatever it takes.

We use video, stills and sound only.

If it's a one day meet - it;s trying a bit of everything - if it's an intensive series of work we plan together to make it work!

Many who take part at the station in these either go on to formal training [having often got the confidence to apply] start applying [and getting] castings or simply move to working in the industry starting small and building.

At this time there are time for options by invite to build up image/video files for the project - so surely must be worth checking out.