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Updating began on September 13th 2017

This updating is to reflect changes to The Halfling Project for the Autumn and Winter - with the next major review Spring 2018.

The update will cover all aspects of the project.

The Halfling project is now designed to work with and complement the work and website of act4ward in regards to acting and drama work 

The key difference is The Halfling project is set for 16 and under participants in act4ward work - and it's content will reflect this.

Relating to special needs - The Halfling Project will continue to offer such support irrespective of age to those taking part in either key work [Halfling/act4ward] if requested. 

External work within special needs is currently limited to allow priority to the acting and performance work and the interests of act4ward.

Updating is not expected to be completed until December 2017. In the meantime feel free to e.mail with any questions.

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